Brooklyn Bridge Scrip Program 

What is Brooklyn Bridge Scrip?
Brooklyn Bridge Scrip is literally "fundraising while your shop". Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for Brooklyn Bridge when our families use prepaid cards to pay for everyday purchases (like gas, food, clothing, and groceries) instead of other payment methods.  Each card purchased earns revenue for Brooklyn Bridge.
How does using Scrip generate revenue for Brooklyn Bridge?
Large amounts of prepaid cards are purchased from retailers.  Because this is purchased with cash up front, the participating retailers offer a substantial discount. ranging from 2% to 25%.
Members buy gift cards at face value, choosing from nearly 400 national retail stores where they already shop. The difference between face value and what our organization pays equals revenue for Brooklyn Bridge. 
How Much Can Be Earned for Brooklyn Bridge?
The number of people participating, the amount they spend each week on Scrip purchases, and the individual retailer choices will all affect the amount that can be earned.  The more members use Scrip to make everyday purchases, the more they help Brooklyn Bridge.  Scrip discounts range from 2% to 25% or more.  As a general rule, however, about five percent of each purchase will be returned to Brooklyn Bridge as revenue.  Based on this average, the potential earning power of one family using Scrip for a year could be $300 or more.  
For more information about Scrip you can visit their website.
If you have questions about the Brooklyn Bridge Scrip Program or would like information on how to purchase gift cards, please contact Cindy Boyd (612-799-0773) or Dawn Heebl (612-386-4845).