Current Events

Current Events
"Make Your Mark"
October 7-28
We want to make a mark on the world. We want to be remembered for something. We want to be significant. As followers of Christ, our identity is found in him. Our purpose, then, is to leave the “print” of Christ on the world.  In Mark chapter 10, Jesus gives us four ways we are to leave a distinctively Christ-like mark on the world.
10/7 – Family focused
10/14 – Proper priorities
10/21 – Greater good
10/28 – Just Jesus

"The Bloodstained Path To God"
Tuesdays at 3:15PM
The Bible Discovery series provides background resources to help you read and understand the text of Scripture. The insights in these books remove the speed bumps on your road to a greater understanding of God’s Word.  The book The Bloodstained Path To God offers two ways to learn about worship in Old Testament times and its connection to our worship today. First, the authors give a basic explanation of the biblical laws, focusing on the yearly cycle of festivals and the sacrifices God commanded his people to offer. Second, using a series of short stories, the authors illustrate what it was like to live in a Jewish family. These stories emphasize the impact of God’s laws on day-to-day life and what worship was like at the temple in Jerusalem. They also give a sense of what it was like to live under these laws.
"Faith Works"
A study on the Book of James
Adult Bible Class
Sundays at 9:00am

The New Testament let of James is passionately practical. James, the half-brother of Jesus, yearns to see the realities of the gospel translated into daily life. If you crave reality in religion, piety with integrity, wisdom for the way, you will find it here. This study is designed to aid in the search. God give us a faith that works!

"Prepared To Answer"
Telling the Greatest Story Ever Told
Men's Group
Every other Monday evening at 7:00 pm
This helpful book supplies loving, Scriptural-based responses to some common objections to Christianity. In this unique narrative, author Mark A. Paustian provides engaging answers to questions about why bad things happen, different interpretations of Scripture, abortion, miracles, evidence of God's existence, Jesus as myth, and morality.

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